Multimedia Digital Stories

In preparation for THATCamp Louisiana 2017, I would like to propose a session that discusses the possibilities for multimedia digital stories. I teach a digital storytelling course where students create videos that tell stories to support the mission of professional organizations. The English course emphasizes the features of a story and visual media, especially video. I use video as the delivery mode, but wonder if I am too narrowly defining digital storytelling. I am interested in exploring other multimodal delivery methods for digital stories (Scalar, long-form web essays, etc.).  If participants are interested in discussing some different publishing platforms, I would be happy to lead a discussion.

In addition, I would be interested in a general discussion on how participants use digital stories. What goals do digital storytellers have for their creations? Are they used to share knowledge, advocate for a cause, as a vehicle for creative expression, etc.?

I look forward to discussing digital storytelling at THATCamp Louisiana. Hope to see you there.